Meet The Team

Steve | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Trustees of the Union have delegated responsibility to Steve to ensure that the Union is run efficiently. He’s the most senior member of staff in the Union and supports your Elected Officers to achieve their objectives. Steve also works with all stakeholders, including the University, to facilitate the development of the Students’ Union.

Steve used to play hockey for England.


Helen | Head of Activities & Community

Helen has overall responsibility for Sports Clubs, Societies, RAG, volunteering, events, employability, and Student Media, as well as Freshers and Re-Freshers.

Music is Helen’s first love.


Declan | Activities Executive | 020 7815 6049

Declan’s job includes:

- Helping student groups to develop and grow.
- Working to reduce the Union’s environmental impact through Green Impact.
- Finding exciting opportunities for students to get involved with volunteering.

Declan’s old enough to have watched Friends before they were reruns.


Vacant | Activities Administrator | 020 7815 7455

Alex works on:
- Encouraging students to volunteer in the local community.
- Supporting the RAG team with their fundraising efforts throughout the year.
- Engaging  with and growing student media

Alex is also a musician and a graduate of LSBU


Kristie | Events Coordinator | 020 7815 7455

Kristie spends her time:

- Helping Societies, Sports Club and other groups organise events.
- Creating the Union’s events programme throughout the year.
- Running the weekly events in the Venue Bar.

Kristie is a trained dancer and has played multiple other sports at Northampton University


James | Head of Advice & Representation

James has overall responsibility for supporting and training Elected Officers, Student Union Advice, Course & School Representatives and makes sure that the Student Union Elections are run fairly.

James is also an elected representative of a London Borough


Lydia | Advice & Case Worker

Lydia works in the Students’ Union Advice Service. Her main roles include:

- Giving advice, support and guidance on various academic issues, including extenuating circumstances, appeals and academic misconduct.
- Signposting students to relevant services at the University or externally.

Lydia is currently taking Muay Thai classes


Vacant | Advice & Case Worker

Matthew also works in the Students’ Union Advice Service helping students who encounter problems during their time at University. He provides confidential, impartial and independent advice to any student who seeks it.

Matthew once hitchhiked through Europe.


Sebastian Bromelow | Representation & Democracy Programme Lead | 020 7815 6410

Rhodri’s job includes:

- Working with Elected Officers to develop their skills and training for their roles.
- Helping Elected Officers to achieve what they promised at their election.
- Monitoring democratic processes within the Union, supporting election candidates and reviewing the constitution where necessary.

Rhodri is a big fan of knitwear and a founding member of the LSBSU Cardigan Club.


Charlie Hughes | Representation & Democracy Programme Lead | 020 7815 6420

this role is responsible for:

- Our 700 Course Reps and seven School Reps, including their training and accreditation programme.
- The annual Student Voice Conference and Excellence in Education Award.
- Maintaining relationships between the Students’ Union and University, including liaising with Deans of Schools and School Managers.


Gamel | Head of Marketing & Communications

Gamel is head of the team responsible for all external communications.

He’s secretly a ninja, masquerading as a London office worker. Also a member of the LSBU Spartans coaching team


Scott Butler | Senior Digital Projects Coordinator | 020 7815 6040

They look after:

- The Union’s website, social media, e-newsletters, the memberships system and online sales.
- Development of our digital assets - including improving the Union’s website and useful online resources.
- Projects such as online Elections and Freshers.

Scott currently has the best beard in the office

Travain | Senior Comms Projects Coordinator | 020 7815 6068

Travain works on:

- The Union’s website, social media, e-newsletters, the memberships system and online sales.
- Development of our digital assets - including improving the Union’s website and useful online resources.
- Projects such as online Elections and Freshers.

Travain was a member of the London Warriors American Football Club, twice National BAFA Champions. And is now playing for London Hornets who have been undefeated this season.


Faith Otunnu | Business and Communications Coordinator | 020 7815 6034

Faith's job includes:

- Running the Reception Desk and Team, who can help you to get involved in the Union and make an appointment with our Advice and Case Workers.
- Working with external partners.
- Running our shop, including hoodies, t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise.

In 2004, Elliot was crowned the 16th best Pokemon player in the UK.


Hin Thi | Head of Finance

Hin's role includes:

- Preparing and monitoring accounts, budgets, financial forecasts and reporting.
- Payroll and pension administration.
- Checking and controlling bank savings, interest and all payments.
- Dealing with petty cash received by and paid by the Union.


Barbara Charles | Union Administrator

Barbara spends her time:

- Supporting Steve, the CEO.
- Supporting our Human Resources (HR) functions.
- Taking minutes at meetings and overseeing the Union’s governance and operations.