NUS LGBT Conference

Elected Officers Ashley Storer-Smith and Amy Tandberg Dybing recount their experiences of NUS LGBT Conference.

Volunteering Opportunities

We've got lots of new volunteering opportunities, giving you the chance to gain some skills and help your community.

New: Women's Football

Caterina explores her experience of setting up the Women's Football Club - and encourages you to get involved.

LSBU Tennis Returns

After a short absence, the Tennis Club is back! Training session begin on March 17th, and all sessions are free.

Tour - SalouFest
Salou, Spain
It's Tour time! We're heading off to Salou for an amazing week - and you can join us.
Karaoke Night
Venue Bar, Student Centre
Monday night is Karaoke Night - pick your favourite tunes and brave it in front of the crowds.
LSBSU Student Voice Conference 2015
Events Theatre, Keyworth Centre
The Student Voice Conference brings together students to discuss their experiences of learning at LSBU and look to the future. All students are welcome - and it's completely free.
Round 4 Round Pub Quiz
Venue Bar, Student Centre
Grab your friends, form your team and come down to our weekly Round 4 Round Pub Quiz.